Sunday, December 6, 2009

1. What you make is important
2. Design is an integral part of business
3. Products must be honest
4. You decide what you will make
5. Market for a good design
Herman Miller

This week’s gallery was located at Goldstein Museum found in the University of Minnesota. I found the designs very unique and creative as well as inviting. As for the environment of the gallery itself I found it very uncomfortable, stuffy, hot, crowded and suffocating. There was a lot to look at and a lot going on in this gallery! I wouldn’t recommend it unless one is capable of adjusting to such an environment, however; I do recommend researching and viewing the designs of Herman Miller INC.

Herman Miller is a company located in Michigan that creates and manufactures creative designer furniture. The company is made up of three different designers Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson and Isamu Noguchi. Each designers work represents the nations defining social movement, global expansion, the West coast coming of age and the economies making of goods.

“Everybody deserves a good chair,” Herman Miller.

Herman Miller was Dj De Pree’s father in law. Herman was brought to Zeeland to rescue the colonial manufacturing company. Within time Herman raised wages and cut the work hour weeks from 59 to 40. It was looked at as a well respected designer and was often described as “ordinary or extraordinary.”

“Why do I work for Herman Miller? Because they trust me,” George Nelson.

Charles was born in St. Louis Missouri and studied architecture until 1938 soon after he moved to Michigan for Art.

Ray Kaiser studied abstract painting. The two designers met in 1940 while preparing an entry for the Museum of Modern Art. The entry was a set up of organic designs of home furniture and consisted of drawn to scale model and photos of five different chairs, two sofas, two tables and case goods.

“Priority number one is the people who are going to live with your product,” Dj De Pree.

Charles and Ray Eames had four different designs shown at this exhibit. Out of the four I found the “Screen indoor, outdoor, Reclining chair and Ottoman, 1958.” Aluminum, woven saran and plastic. The most inviting and fascinating.

I have seen this design before and I have also had the opportunity to sit in one and enjoy the comfort. The chair was very inviting and would mostly be used for a piece of patio furniture. If one could afford this chair or design I would highly recommend it. The furniture that was shown was definitely something we have all seen before whether it was an original or an offset of the design itself.

As I continued to explore the gallery I came upon the area of all different designs. With the many different designs I was attracted to three in particular.

1. Love Seat or “Marshmallow” sofa, 1956. George Nelson, designer.
Foam circular cushions with upholstery on steel frame.
This sofa was the first to be produced.

I found the chair very inviting with a vibrant blue color. At the first glance one may think the sofa wouldn’t be as comfortable but with much examination I believe the sofa would be one of the most comfortable sofas out there. As I continued to look at the design the more and more I wish I had one. This sofa wasn’t an ordinary sofa but an extraordinary. Reminding me of what the employees said about the company and owner on the previous board. “He is either ordinary of extraordinary.”

2. Ottoman, 1966-1967
Alexander Girard, Designer
“Jacob’s coat” upholstery, chrome plated legs.
Designed for lobby of Braniff Airlines office in New York.

This design was very colorful with a creative pattern. I found the ottoman very fun and creative. This ottoman looked like any other ottoman but a lot larger and in the shape of a circle. I believe I was attracted this piece of work because of the colors and fabrics. I could see this piece being placed in a longing area and a very warm and inviting space.

3. Bentwood or “Pretzel” side chair 1958-1960
George Nelson, Designer
Bent birch wood with original upholstery by Alexander Girad

I found this design unique because of the fabric that covered the chair. Once again the material grasped my eye. As for the design of the chair itself, I thought it seemed like any other chair but made with wood instead of metal or steel.

All of the designs that were shown where very unique and creative some of the designs are like others that one has may seen but I found a lot of different designs one may not have seen. I do recommended viewing designs or researching the work.

As for the last designer I would like to point out to you is George Nelson. Mr. Nelson was born in 1908 in Hartford. He studied architecture at Yale University and became the designer director for Herman for over twenty five years where he worked side by side with Dj De Pree. George was a much respected man and designed many different office spaces and office furniture.

“The answers are found in the people not the hardware,” George Nelson.

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